Commissions open.

I have free slots for June - July. Please contact me about details

Prices and sizes – colored pencil drawing

Portrait made with this technique is very detailed but high quality reference photo is required to achieve realism. Art process takes more time than with pastels and depends on size of the drawing.

9" x 12"

Suitable for Head & Neck


11" x 14"

Suitable for Head & Neck

Suitable for Full Body



It is possible to order your portrait in any size

Prices do not include shipping costs. I ship worldwide, please contact me to check shipping costs to your country

Shipping from Europe!


Contact me

Send me a message via contact form on this website, my social media or directly to my mail We will discuss details such as special requests, background, time of drawing, shipping etc.


Shipping costs vary on your location that’s why they aren’t available on the website.


Choose a photography which shows a lot of details, isn't blurred or too dark and shows your pet's personality. High quality photos guarantee realistic and detailed portraits.

Don’t know how to choose the best one? Check ‘photo guide’ below

Size and medium

Do you want your drawing made with colored pencils or pastels?

If you can't decide I'll choose the best technique for your drawing.

Decide on size of the portrait – I offer a number of different sizes.

If you have a particular size in mind, please get in touch,


After accepting your photos, an initial payment is required - currently 20%.

Initial payment covers the cost of materials and secures your booking. This payment is non-refundable, except in the unfortunate event that I have to cancel your portrait

I accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer.


How to order your custom portrait

Photo guide

How to choose the best photo for your drawing?


Good quality photo ✔


Natural, soft light
Good pose, angle

No flash needed
Clear view of the eyes


Bad quality photo X


Bad angle to work from
There's no clear view of the eyes

Blurry - lack of detail


Pets that have passed away

If you want to commission portrait of a pet that has passed away you may have limited photos available, Send me as many photos as you can and we can work through them together

Terms and conditions

   Read before booking:

  • You agree that the initial payment of 20% is non-refundable, except in the event that I have to cancel.

  • All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist

  • In the even of non-payment, I may use the artwork as I wish.